Bu layihələrdə digital konvensial DMR standartları istifadə edilmişdir.


Telecom Invest provided the Socar Polymer with Motorola Solutions products and services. Simultaneously, Training the people in need of Motorola Solutions equipment and the way of using the high technologies also was carried out by Telecom Invest.

We do provide with Motorola Solutions products and Frequency able to connect and work for long distance, got from The Ministry of transport Communication and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We provide Socar Polymer with programing the terminals, logistics, radio distribution and stakeholder management. At the same time, Telecom Invest customized TETRA Radios and TETRA (Motorola Solutions) servers Socar Polymer. Socar Polymer use the CP and DMR standard from Motorola Solutions products for their business needs.

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