Motorola MTP3500


This TETRA radio is optimised for excellent audio performance and durability for use in all types of noisy and demanding situations. Features a Class 3L (1.8W) power output option, which increases range and in-building performance. Coupled with high receive sensitivity, the MTP3500 has the capability for maintaining communications in the most demanding situations.

The MTP3500 radio has been built to the highest quality levels and exceeds all 11 categories in the MIL-810 standard. The MTP3500 TETRA portable passes an Accelerated Life Test simulating over 5 years use; these tests ensure it will withstand tough conditions and provide durability that help reduce support costs.

Frequency ranges: 350-470 MHz, 800 MHz
Rugged and designed for optimum reliability in harsh conditions
Trunked and conventional operation modes
Superior audio quality for the most demanding environments
Comprehensive range of accessories to provide a tailored solution
Optimised user interface
Remote programming facility for cost effective radio terminal management
High resolution colour display
Built to meet the challenges of firegrounds and riots as well as dusty and dirty environments.
IP65, IP66 and IP67
Full duplex PABX and PSTN interconnection
Personnel safety and emergency call features
Optional integrated GNSS for personnel tracking