Radio Communications Services


Provision of Motorola base stations, mobile radios, portable radios, antennas and accessories

As an authorized partner of Motorola Solutions in Azerbaijan Republic, Telecom Invest can provide You with all types of base stations, mobile radios, portable radios, antennas and accessories manufactured by Motorola. You can find more information about these devices in the 'Products' page on this web-site.


Programming of radio equipment

The purpose of a two-way radio is to allow a person to communicate with others in a certain radius with a hand-held device. A two-way radio comes in handy on construction sites and in heavily wooded areas where parties are spread out. Upon purchasing your device, you may have a few questions about how to tune it. Telecom Invest's team will be able to programme your device effectively and efficiently in little time. Then You will be able to power your device, turn on the radio, select an appropriate zone, choose a channel and communicate using the "PTT" button.


Installation of radio equipment

Once the decision has been made to invest in a digital two-way radio system, the radio system installation and delivery is a vital part of the service provided by Telecom Invest. Often overlooked, a top class installation is key to ensure the longevity of a two-way radio system.

Having conducted detailed engineering coverage surveys, our engineers will know exactly where to install radio equipment to get the best two-way radio coverage, providing you with seamless communications across the entirety of your premises.

Our engineering staff are fully conversant with modern health and safety requirements, familiar with most risks, and are qualified and able to deal with these in a safe manner to progress with your bespoke radio installation.

The successful completion of technical professional training courses with Motorola, has led to Telecom Invest being awarded the status of Gold Partner in Azerbaijan. Our radio system installations are always of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. With our co-ordination with highly skilled and accredited sub-contractors, we offer a complete service, regardless of any difficulties which may arise.


Repair services

Our friendly and knowledgeable service coordinators will help facilitate your equipment repairs. Whether you bring your equipment to our location or call us to coordinate shipping, we will get your equipment repaired and back into service as fast as we can.

Do not leave your two-way radio repairs to chances; get in touch with us at Telecom Invest and our professionals will provide all the assistance you need.


User Training Services

If you decided to provide your staff with radio communication, but you are afraid that the staff will not be able to use it, then you can use our User-training services that are designed for any audience. We have programs of learning for all types of Motorola radios.


Consulting Services

The usage of any radio communication requires obtaining permission documents for the use of radio frequencies and radio equipment. Since reception of frequencies is still not an easy task - within the framework of this service the company "Telecom Invest" is ready to assist in processing and obtaining permits for the use of radio frequencies and radio equipment in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The aim is to provide assistance in obtaining certificates, permits for the use of radio frequencies and radio equipment in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Services offered:
1)consultations on certification of communication facilities;
2)consultations on obtaining permits for the use of communications equipment;
3)preparation of applications to the Ministry of Communications for obtaining permits.