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Since 2007 "Telecom Invest" LLC has been one of the leading operators in Azerbaijan, successfully operating in the market of telecommunication and information technologies. Currently, "Telecom Invest" has two biggest business lines:

Telecom Invest is the biggest radio telecommunication and IT company in Azerbaijan. We have had lots of successfully implemented projects for 11 years. The main mission of the organization is to make a good structure and control everything and all the projects and processes from the management software. At the same time, Telecom Invest made Billing System for the ISP business as well. Telecom Invest provides services in all field of industries for the radio telecommunication and information technology.

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Oil and gas

Factories and production facilities

Construction industry and construction sites

Electricity distribution companies

Municipal and public services

Air transport and airports

Port facilities

Railway transport systems

Logistics and storage

Private security and facility management services

Educational institutions

Institutions and departments providing public safety

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