Internet Service Providing


IP Television Service

Telecom Invest enables users easily watch 150 TV channels by connecting to IP TV service. Besides, subscribers can use IP TV services using the Internet tariffs of 2-4 Mbit/s. Our subscribers using 6-10 Mbit/s Internet traffic will be able to watch Full HD.

Subscribers can also use IP TV only signing in the Internet and Mobile application without installing the device. The service is available on 3 devices (TV, Smartphone and Tablet) connected to the same internet network. With Smart TV, you can freely benefit from all of our multimedia resources.


Fiber-optic Internet - a new level of communication quality

Telecom Invest provides an Internet connection to ensure the highest possible quality and reliable fiber-optic communication. Connecting the Internet through fiber optic cable provides the client with a lot of advantages.


How to connect fiber optic Internet?

Telecom Invest will take care of all the concerns associated with connecting the Internet through fiber optic cable. Our experienced specialists will perform the connection of a stand-alone building or office to their own fiber-optic network and will perform all necessary settings for the full-fledged operation of communications.

We offer our customers an affordable price for fiber optic Internet and high-quality professional service. To get more information about this service or to order a connection, you can or by phone number 404-80-02.



Telecom Invest provides IP telephony services through 404 and 525 ATS for Internet service users. Using our high-quality digital IP telephony users will be able to take advantage of modern telephony functions such as automatic redirection of calls, see caller's number and etc.

Telecom Invest is one of the great phone service providers in Azerbaijan.Local phone service company Telecom Invest charge very affordable fees.You can find out more about prices or other services by contacting the company.