About us


What we do

Since 2007 "Telecom Invest" LLC has been one of the leading operators in Azerbaijan, successfully operating in the market of telecommunication and information technologies. Currently, "Telecom Invest" has two biggest business lines:

1) Internet-providing;

2) Distributing of Motorola Solutions

As an Internet provider Telecom Invest has more than 10K clients and this quantity is growing day by day since we are expanding our capacity by investing in the latest information technology.

Also, according to the official License from Ministry of Economy of the Azerbaijan Republic for trunk communication, we provide our clients with following services:

—Radio sets purchase;

—Purchasing of accessories for radio sets;

—Rent of equipment;

—Radio frequency providing;

—Assistance in preparation of the documentation and getting the permission in exploitation radio equipment and radio frequencies;

—Professional consultation by specialists of the company.

As an authorized distributor of Motorola Solutions, we offer these type of products:




—Radio Accessories.


About us

Telecom Invest is the biggest radio telecommunication and IT company in Azerbaijan. We have had lots of successfully implemented projects for 11 years. The main mission of the organization is to make a good structure and control everything and all the projects and processes from the management software. At the same time, Telecom Invest made Billing System for the ISP business as well. Telecom Invest provides services in all field of industries for the radio telecommunication and information technology. Telecom Invest provided services and products for the biggest projects in Azerbaijan, involving:

—Baku 2015

—Baku 2017

—Formula 1 Baku.

Telecom Invest puts into practice modern technologies for internet providing and developing customer satisfaction with the professional team. The main mission of Telecom Invest is to adapt new technologies and have a high level of customer service. Telecom Invest has very strong partnership intercourse with the foreign companies and in its own turn, it leads to stable and reliable business connection.